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Be honest, if you're on this page you are looking for change. You know where you are, and you don't like it. Maybe it was what you always wanted once upon a time, but now you're here and it's not what you expected. But where do you go next? You can't (or won't allow yourself) to go back, so what's out there in the great big, wild, beyond? 

I am the navigator to creatives (freelancers, coaches, teachers), like you. You're someone who wants to profit from your knowledge + passions in a truthful and authentic way. My belief is that you are AWESOME, so I've created articles, videos, workbooks, and classes that help you reveal the road map to success. But maybe you have a more pressing question that is best answered 1:1? If so, book me for a 1:1 chat! 

Let's find out where your stuck ---->

  • Do you have a really stellar idea, but don't know where to start?
  • Are you stuck between blogger and freelancer?
  • Do you have great energy and vision, but get lost in the step-by-step of it all?
  • Does life always seem to rear it's ugly head and pull you out of your creative space? 
  • Do you get in the creative flow and deadlines just seem to drift by without realizing it? 
  • Relax! In just an hour, I guarantee you that we'll have you off the creative curb and on the creative curve! 


Get to clarity on what you actually want - in business, in life, in lov... oh, wait. Not in love. You'd wanna talk to my husband on that one. ;)

Get clear on where you are.

Define the gap. 

Get clear on your map. 

If it makes sense to move forward together, I can even put together a custom plan for you to "jump the gap" by creating the right map! That's a 1:1 coaching program, and I'll give you more details during our 1-hour consulting session. 


The next level is calling you, you've felt the pull. Now you just need the roadmap to get you there. Talk to me, I'm your Roadmap Goddess! 


Invest $127/Hr. Min. 1 hr.

Autumn have a very creative mind and keen insight in the business world and human psychology
— Jeremy, the Kung Fu Guy of www.kungfuguyjeremy.com
"Autumn is so amazing. She has so much knowledge, and is open to share it. She is super sweet, and you'll fall in love with her and her personality. I definitely suggest that you keep a look out- she's on the rise to super-mega success!" -Sacia of SaciaIsabelle.com